Join us to save our healthcare on Feb 21st!

Join us to save our healthcare!


On Tuesday, February 21, we’re asking U.S. Representative Dave Trott, “What’s your plan for our healthcare?”


As political extremists rush to take healthcare away from 30 million Americans, increase our healthcare costs, and endanger the care we deliver and our jobs, they still don’t have a real plan to keep our families covered.


It’s time they show us their plan to keep us and our families covered before they vote to take away the healthcare we count on. We need care, not chaos.


This is personal.  To keep our clients, patients, communities, and loved ones healthy, we need to know that we have access to affordable, quality care. We don’t want to go back to worrying about how a preexisting condition will impact our coverage or if essential services will be covered.


Congressman Dave Trott: What’s Your Plan?

Tuesday, February 21 at 11am

625 East Big Beaver Road, Ste 204, Troy, MI 48083

For more information 866-734-8466


Congress should be working to make healthcare better, not take it away altogether. Yanking away healthcare coverage from tens of millions of Americans will throw the whole system into chaos. It’s time they show us a real healthcare plan that allows 30 million Americans to keep our coverage, protects us from insurance company denials, and makes monthly premiums, co-pays, and prescription medicines affordable for all.

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