Tell Michigan’s Elected Leaders to Protect our Healthcare and Good Jobs for Working Families

Healthcare is something that unites all of us—we all need to be healthy to lead good lives and all of us should be able to go the doctor when we are sick.  But extremists in Congress have introduced a bill that would repeal the ACA and strip nearly 1 million Michiganders and 24 million people across the country of their health insurance.

Under this plan, older people and families who make the least would have to pay more for their health insurance.  Healthcare providers know that when fewer people have health insurance it’s harder to provide the highest quality of care as hospitals, nursing homes and others look for ways to save money.

Congressional leaders are rushing to push this bill so it becomes law in as few as 30 days.

We Can Make a Difference if We Act Now. Call Congress at 866-426-2631 to tell them to protect Medicaid and healthcare for millions of people.

Jobs are on the line. Lives are at risk.  Communities will suffer.

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