Tentative Agreement Reached with Bronson Battle Creek

Tentative Agreement Reached with Bronson Battle Creek

After a long and hard fought process with Bronson Battle Creek management, our bargaining team has come to a tentative agreement on a new three year contract to improve our livelihood and ability to provide quality patient care. It provides:

  • Significant raises for all members of our bargaining unit
  • Job security for our members by restricting sub-contracting
  • Respects seniority in the job bidding process
  • Allows us to review and challenge Bronson’s proposed “performance pay” system


As long as the union remains in place, the contract, the wage increases, and all of these provisions will remain legally binding.


You will receive notice when a ratification vote is scheduled to be held in the near future. All members in good standing are eligible to vote on the proposed contract. Contact your steward to ensure you will be eligible to vote and contact Andrea at 313-310-9429 or Nanette at 313-405-2844 for more information on the proposal.

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