Kim Duncan shows Power of Being Union with Huge Arbitration Victory

Kim Duncan, a dietary worker at Hackley and former Executive Board member with over 22 years of experience in healthcare won a major arbitration case for nearly a year and a half of back pay after a wrongful termination by her employer.

Kim was involved in a serious car accident and took some time off of work to recuperate. She took additional time off to care for her special needs son and submitted her FMLA paperwork properly. Her manager told her she needed to write the reason for FMLA on the note from the doctor and then later accused her of forging the doctor note because of Kim’s written reason that the manager requested. Luckily, a witness overheard the demand from the manager and backed up Kim’s claim in the face of intimidation in her own right.

At several points, the hospital tried to get Kim to settle for a lesser amount, but she persisted. She refused these settlement offers and recently had the arbitration ruling come down in her favor where she has to “be made whole” for the nearly year and a half she was out of work. Thank you to Kim and Region 4 for showing working people across the state the importance of being union and how powerful our voices can be when we work together.



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