Gubernatorial Candidate Whitmer “Walks A Day in the Shoes” of Detroit Home Care Worker, Providing Elder Care and other Services

Yesterday’s ‘Walk-A-Day’ is first in a series of events where gubernatorial candidates will work alongside SEIU members who provide quality health care and who demand that candidates commit to creating strong union jobs in Michigan

Detroit – On Thursday, March 15, 2018, Michigan candidate for governor Gretchen Whitmer worked alongside home care provider Henrietta Ivey at a consumer’s home in Detroit, where she experienced first-hand the importance of the quality care delivered daily by Ivey and others like her to the people that need it most – and why these jobs must be good union jobs.

The 10,000 members of HCMI, who provide quality care in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes and other facilities statewide are demanding candidates at all levels commit to protecting and expanding workers’ rights to form a union, raising wages, investing in training and standing with working people, not corporations and the rich.

In 2012, Gov. Rick Snyder stripped the rights of Michigan homecare workers to collectively bargain to raise standards and improve their lives.  By making Michigan a “right-to-work” state, Snyder and Republicans paved the way for poverty-wages, standing in the way of union jobs providing financial security for families and support thriving communites.

“It’s time… that people who work hard for a living have a level playing field and can get ahead,” said Whitmer. “I’ve always realized the importance of the [home care] profession, and it will remain a top priority of the work I’ll do as governor. It’s about setting an agenda so people in this state can get ahead once again and unions have always been a part of that effort.”

The March 15th event with Whitmer is the first of several ‘Walk-a-days’ with political candidates this election season.  Walk-a-day events have been popular among HCMI members in the past as a way to make informed decisions about who they will support on Election Day and beyond. Walk-a-days are non-partisan and beneficial for both the candidates and union members.

“I believe today served as a good glimpse of what we go through on a daily basis and how unions can help all workers in Michigan,” said Ivey, who remains active in SEIU Healthcare Michigan. “Candidates need to know we expect them to stand with us in Lansing and on Capitol Hill.”


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