Upcoming: HCMI Members Vote On New Constitution & Bylaws

Starting January 14th, 2019, SEIU Healthcare Michigan members will vote on a new constitution and bylaws for our local union. All members in good standing are eligible to vote in person at one of the following times and locations:

HCMI Constitution & Bylaws Voting_ When and Where to Vote
The Committee on the Future is a diverse group of members and leaders representing the length and breadth of SEIU Healthcare Michigan’s membership. We have spent hundreds of hours reviewing and debating the problems of the past and solutions to the challenges of the future. We all want to continue building our unity and strength. That is why we are proposing an action program and structure to build a stronger, more effective and democratic union that puts member leadership and participation first. We urge you to attend the meetings, be informed, and VOTE YES for the recommendations that will make us stronger together!

View our Constitution & Bylaws here: HCMI Final Proposed Constitution and Bylaws – Nov. 10, 2018

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