SEIU Victory: Advantage, Nexcare agree to raise pay for workers during pandemic

We are excited to announce we have made two major breakthroughs with our nursing home contracts in regards to pay during the pandemic. Advantage and Nexcare have agreed to raise wages for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the details:


Nursing Homes: Living Center Northwest, Advantage Living Center Of Redford, Advantage Living Center Southgate

Beginning Wednesday, April 1, all Advantage hourly team members will receive an additional $2/hour Appreciation Bonus on their checks.  If a team member works all scheduled shifts in a pay period, the team member will receive an additional $2/hour in recognition of them honoring the schedule.  This will appear as a separate entry on your check.  Their usual hourly rate will not change.   Team members who work that isolation wing, where suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients are cared for, will receive an additional $40/day.


Nursing Homes: OakPointe Senior Care & Rehab Center, Fairlane Senior Care & Rehabilitation Center

Workers will receive an additional $2 / hour for all bargaining unit members; AND an additional $2 / hour for all bargaining unit members that work all of their assigned shifts as scheduled during the pay period. This would mean up to an additional $4 / hour for all bargaining unit members.

SEIU is currently negotiating pay with all remaining Nexcare homes it represents.

Ongoing Discussions with Advantage and Nexcare

SEIU will continue to discuss our concerns related to the offering of the Extended Paid Sick Leave benefit as outlined in the Federal legislation to Nexcare and Advantage workers represented by SEIU HCMI as well as continue to make sure that uninsured workers and workers who have high out-of-pocket expenses if hospitalized with the COVID-19 virus. Lastly, we will continue to work to ensure that all workers represented by SEIU HCMI have the necessary PPEs.

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