SEIU Update: Sava Agrees to standards to protect workers, enhanced pay

This week, SEIU negotiated an agreement for all nursing home workers represented by SEIU in SAVA homes in Michigan. It was based on the principles that we are all in this together, all workers need support and protection and making sure the health of residents is cared for during the COVID-19 crisis. The agreement was approved by Stewards from all of the SAVA homes and includes:

    • Sava will establish a COVID-19 isolation unit on the right wing of Cambridge South (others may be added if needed)
    • On the isolation unit(s): Workers can either work 5 8-hour shifts and then 2 days off or 3 12-hour shifts and then 3 days off; CNAs and LPNs will be paid 1 1/2 regular wages for all hours and overtime on top of the enhanced rate when applicable; management will seek volunteers to work on the isolation units (if you have an underlying health condition or over 60, then you won’t be able to do it); to get the higher pay, workers cannot miss any scheduled shifts unless they can’t work because they are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19; PPEs will include head to toe protection including goggles or face shields and N95 masks
    • All other workers in all other homes will receive hazard pay of an extra $2 per hour and LPs will get $4 per hour
    • Difficult to fill shifts will be offered for a minimum of $50 for CNAs and $75 for LPNs (or points)
    • Perfect Attendance Bonus: If you work all scheduled shifts per week then $100 for FT and $50 for PT (same exceptions as for isolation unit)
    • Workers who aren’t allowed to work (by mgmt or directed by medical professional) will get paid up to 80 hours for absences at of special COVID-19 bank; other absences are paid out of EIB or PTO
    • Workers will have medical bills paid for by workers comp if you are confirmed to have COVID 19
    • PPEs: All other workers will minimally be given and expected to wear surgical masks, gloves and be provided hand sanitizer. Housekeeping will use bleach to disinfect. They will follow all guidelines established by the government and independent health agencies.

This is a huge victory because we worked together as a union to achieve something for all workers at Sava. Now let’s stay safe, support each other, and carry this forward to win  a strong contract and build a stronger union after the pandemic is behind us

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