SEIU Victory: Lodge at Taylor Agrees to Enhanced Pay

Effective April 16th, SEIU and Lodge at Taylor have agreed to enhanced pay to incentivize staff who volunteer to work on the COVID-19 unit for the next 30 days. At the end of the agreement, it will be evaluated again.
  • CENAs will receive a $4/hour temporary¬† wage increase for workers who volunteer on the COVID-19 unit and a $6/hour attendance bonus
  • All other CENAs will receive a $2/hour temporary wage increase and a $2/hour attendance bonus
  • All ancillary staff will receive a $1/hour wage increase or workers who volunteer on the COVID-19 unit and a $2/hour attendance
  • The temporary attendance bonus wage increase for all hours worked in a pay period if they have no missed shifts, no call-ins or sick days, unless the employee makes up all shifts missed in the same period with coordination with management. Also, approved absences due to COVID-19 absences will not cause workers to lose the attendance bonus
Management did not want the hazard pay or any attendance pay for any CENAs not working on the designated COVID-19 unit or any ancillary staff or part-time CENAs. While we did not win everything workers deserve, we pushed management much further than they were willing to go

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