Nursing Home Worker Rising Campaign update

SEIU Volunteer Events Delivers Biden Harris Signs

SEIU Healthcare Michigan engaged hundreds of Michigan voters this Saturday through voter registration, absentee ballot applications, and yard sign delivery. Working people have the power to decide this year’s elections and put people in office who will fight for us and take action on racial and economic justice.

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Willowbrook Settles; Regency at Whitmore Lake Ratifies New Contract

Workers at Willowbrook Manor and Regency at Whitmore Lake had something to celebrate. Willowbrook Manor in Flint settled the contract and are scheduling their vote for next week. Meanwhile, workers at Regency at Whitmore Lake voted to approve their new contract. These are both Ciena facilities and reflect the determination of all Ciena workers to stand together and demand improved standards of pay and benefits across the area.

Negotiations at Westland Don’t Go So Well

Workers at regency at Westland (Ciena) are gearing up for a strike as management proposed to delay raises for a total of 10 months in 2021 and another 14 months going through 2022. This management proposal will cost Dietary, Housekeeping and Laundry workers about $3,500 each! Workers are not willing to let it happen and left negotiations ready to make sure their strike plans are in order.

No Agreement at Omni – Workers Vote it Down!

Workers at Omni (Ciena) voted down management’s proposal unanimously on Friday. They are not interested in a proposal that underpays housekeeping dietary, laundry, activities aides and receptionists. All workers understand that we all contribute to the care of residents and we are all one union.

We Can Get It Done at Manor of Farmington Hills, But…

Ciena is too stubborn. All they have to do is make some changes to the contract to make sure workers rights are protected and we can vote on it. In fact, the change they need to make is already in the contracts at all of the other Ciena nursing homes. So why do they insist on treating the Manor of Farmington Hills different and worse than everyone else??

Villa, Four Seasons and Fountain Bleu

We will schedule meetings this week for these facilities and we need to increase the pressure on Villa management and Charles Dunn. They are not going to respect us until we teach them what respect looks like.

SAVA Nursing Homes Start Negotiations

Workers at 5 SAVA nursing homes will negotiate together as one committee with Sava management beginning on Wednesday November 7th.

Advantage-Northwest Returns to the Table

Negotiations are scheduled to start again at Advantage Northwest on Monday August 5th. We will give everyone a report on how it goes in next week’s bargaining update.

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