Ciena Healthcare and SEIU Partner to Promote Vaccination


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Both SEIU Health Care Michigan and the Ciena managed represented facilities are acutely aware of the challenges facing the skilled nursing industry during this COVID19 crisis and have been working hard toward finding solutions.

The first step in finding solutions was achieved through the collective bargaining process over the past 6 months where the parties came to terms on a series of new Collective Bargaining Agreements and Letters of Understanding which agreed to provide a fair wage to employees for the important work that they do.  When agreements were finally settled, the Ciena managed facilities jointly said, “We would like to thank our employees for their on-going tireless dedication, hard work and balancing the resident’s needs with the needs of their families during this pandemic.  We are happy to be able to provide fair wages in honor of the very important work done by these heroes”.

In conjunction, SEIU Healthcare Michigan President Andrea Acevedo stated, “The Agreements are the result of cooperative discussions between the Union and the facilities, and I would like to thank the Ciena managed facilities for stepping up and offering our members wages and benefits that should be considered an industry leading example and makes these facilities an employer of choice.  The Ciena managed facilities recognize the importance of our members and the work that they do and we appreciate that the facilities continue to treat them with all of the dignity and respect like the heroes that they are”.

But now, all of the past hard work between SEIU and Ciena managed facilities needs to be taken to the next step to and continue on this journey of a cooperative spirit in eradicating this COVID19 pandemic.

Nursing home residents and staff have been hardest hit by the pandemic.  But there is a light on the horizon.  SEIU and the Ciena managed facilities wholeheartedly believe that the COVID19 vaccines are that light.  Moreover, we are fortunate that, together with our residents, we are first in line to receive the vaccine.

The Union and the Ciena managed facilities believe in the science that created the vaccine, endorse the administration of the vaccine to the public, and encourage all of our employees/members to sign-up for a clinic to be vaccinated.  Senior leadership of both the Employer and the Union have been, or will soon be, vaccinated.

In an effort to encourage taking the vaccine, the Employer and Union worked together to develop a Reward to all employees when the facility reaches a goal of vaccinated staff.

Now, SEIU Health Care Michigan and the Ciena managed facilities call the employees/members to do their part and get vaccinated.

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