Mercy Negotiations Update: 4.28.21

SEIU Files Unfair Labor Practice charge on Behalf of Mercy Nurses and Techs

Mercy continues to play games in bargaining and it’s frontline healthcare workers that end up suffering. RN’s and Tech’s concerns are being ignored as Mercy pushes forward with their own corporate staffing plans. 

As you may recall from the previous update, Mercy proposed a retention plan and requested a response from SEIU. However, Mercy has flat rejected our standing Tech position and ended bargaining on the bonus/retention issue claiming an “impasse” for both RNs and Techs. Mercy has stated they will be moving forward with their original program without any of our input and zero support from the direct units they’re trying to incentivize. 

Mercy’s decision to implement this without member input is unacceptable. SEIU has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) with the National Labor Relations Board in response to this unilateral action. 

These actions further show Mercy’s lack of concern for its nurses and techs: 

  • Mercy has failed to respond to multiple requests for meeting with the RN group outside of their less than 24-hour initial notice and without the ability of a larger representation to be present for discussion for either Techs or RNs. 
  • SEIU provided direct financial comparisons made by simple job board searches showing their direct competition in the Michigan market offering FAR higher sign-ons which are likely mirrored for internal retention at the same places. 
  • Agency techs and nurses are being paid between $50/hour to $84/hour at straight time working shoulder to shoulder with current staff. Mercy appears unwilling to invest this money in their own staff but have no problem paying huge dollars to outside contractors. 
  • The hospital showed ZERO willingness to treat techs and nurses with equity in financial value in their offers even during extreme short staffing situations. 

The ULP is only the first step in fighting back against these actions by Mercy. We will be following up with more information shortly. Please contact Chris Connolly if you have any questions or concerns at


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