SEIU Healthcare Michigan Celebrates Nurses Week (May 6-12)

For the past 16 months, SEIU nurses have rushed toward the virus, not away from it, as pillars of leadership, courage, and compassion throughout the pandemic. This Nurses Week, SEIU celebrates and honors the service and sacrifices nurses have made (and continue to make) each and every day as patient advocates and union leaders. We applaud nurses for speaking out, rising up, taking action, organizing, and winning their unions, new contracts, life-saving PPE, safe staffing levels, and better standards of care for their patients.

Whether you work in a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare setting, you have likely endured the worst of the pandemic. Despite this, you have remained united in your union, committed to providing quality care, and continue to stand as an advocate for patients and fellow nurses.

We know there will be many fights ahead. For now, we want to thank you deeply for all that you do.

In Power,

Andrea Acevedo, President
Ken Haney, Vice President

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