Mercy S&S Negotiations Update: 5.20.21


As Mercy continues to ignore the needs of workers, we are taking proactive measures to ensure our proposals are considered at the negotiation table. Last week, we requested a federal mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). After many proposals made by Trinity, it became clear we had no other choice. 

On Thursday, 5/20 we met at the negotiating table with our employer and the mediator for the first time. We chose mediation for some of the following reasons:

  • Trinity passed a proposal attempting to change full time status from 32+ hours to 40 hours. This would mean that those of us on 12 hour shifts, shifts the employer forced on us, would be considered part time and open to be scheduled by the hospital for additional shifts. 
  • Mercy has attempted to get us to approve 2:1’s instead of the safer and standard 1:1. Our current contract protects us and our community from 2:1 ratios for high acuity patients.
  • Pushed us to give up the opportunity of advancement and development opportunities in the system by removing the training periods for current employees filling open positions. 

These are just three of the many proposals that we must aggressively push back on. We have noted several policies we can return with next session that we think the hospital may be more amenable to and we will be presenting those then so that we can continue good-faith bargaining from our end. We are hopeful that the addition of a mediator will be fruitful for moving this forward.

Join our Contract Action Team! 

As your negotiating team we cannot make this happen at the table on our own. It is crucial that we activate our CONTRACT ACTION TEAM. Please contact Chris Connolly or a member of the Contract Action Team if you are interested in joining our CAT team:

  • Chris Connolly, or 517-214-1743
  • Jessica Corona – Nursing – Floats & Relief
  • Lonnie Keech – PCA ICU 
  • Mark Keiser – Plant Ops
  • Tinitco Moore – HUC Nursing Float
  • Darla Gallegos – Laboratory
  • Anthony Simmons – Food and Nutrition Services

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