Mercy S&S Bargaining Update 6.4.21

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Service & Support

This week we passed just two pages of proposals in the morning. Our counterparts in the Nurse unit passed an extensive, well-rounded non-economic proposal package at their last session. MHP inturn took the entire rest of the day to come back and tell the 

Nurses had zero to show for their work that day. This informed our plan to pass our proposals in increments that could easily be digested. However, MHP came back again to tell us they had nothing to show for their time and would not have any response by the end of the day. Stall tactics? Are they again playing games and wasting resources and time that should be spent providing patient care to our community? We are negotiating in good faith- is MHP? 

The proposals we passed in the morning focused on:

  • Streamlining and strengthening our grievance process 
  • Ensuring stewards have adequate notification of MHP policy changes. 
  • Requesting respect and neutrality from MHP for any of our non-union coworkers who wish to join our union in the future. 

MHP came back at 1:30 with nothing to offer. They stated they would have nothing more by the end of the day. 

Join our Contract Action Team! 

As your negotiating team, we cannot make this happen at the table on our own. It is crucial that we activate our CONTRACT ACTION TEAM. Please contact Chris Connolly or a member of the Negotiating Team if you are interested in joining our CAT team:

  • Lonnie Keech – PCA ICU
  • Darla Gallegos – Laboratory
  • Tinitco Moore – HUC Nursing Float
  • Anthony Simmons – Food and Nutrition Services
  • Mark Keiser – Plant Ops
  • Jessica Corona – Nursing – Floats & Relief


Chris Connolly, or 517-214-1743



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