Mercy Nurse Update 6.4.2021

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At our last session, we passed a comprehensive non-economics package. After thoughtful preparation, we presented it to MHP and their hired gun Doug Seaton.  Doug is known nationally as the “lawyer for employers.” Seaton has worked on several union-busting campaigns against nurses’ unions in the last few years, including one against 27,000 SEIU home health care workers in Minnesota, which is often described as the largest attempted union decertification campaign in US history. The workers stood strong and victorious against Seaton. WE WILL TOO. Doug has shown a lack of common decency and respect us as a team. He will not look us in the eye or speak when we address him. What is he at our table for?

Our comprehensive proposal focused on important topics such as:

  • Safer Staffing to provide quality care 
  • Performance evaluations for managers 
  • Open job postings 
  • Continuing education opportunities 
  • Overtime and Mandation 

The MHP team came back at the end of the day – just 15 minutes before our scheduled end time-  to simply reject most of our proposals.  We call on MHP to put in the work and find common ground and quit the stall tactics. We have all remained committed throughout the entire global pandemic. We deserve the respect of the administration. 

Join our Contract Action Team! 

As your negotiating team, we cannot make this happen at the table on our own. It is crucial that we activate our CONTRACT ACTION TEAM. Please contact Chris Connolly or a member of the Negotiating Team if you are interested in joining our CAT team:

  • Wendy Trach, PAT
  • Frank Durante, Vascular Access Team 
  • Tom Kelsch, ER
  • Laura Krzykwwa, Outpatient Surgery 
  • DorReatha Lassow, OB
  • Karin Barnhard, ICU


Chris Connolly, or 517-214-1743

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