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Healthcare workers are challenged with a staffing crisis in every facility

Low wages and poor working conditions make it difficult to recruit and retain healthcare staff. 

Our union can change that.

It’s time to unite together so that every worker is respected, protected, paid fair wages, and has the chance to join a union no matter where they work. We are challenging companies that take from us without giving back. We are demanding  that every family is healthy and safe with the opportunity to thrive, regardless of race, immigration status, gender, job, or location. 

Together we have won:

Safer Jobs

Higher Wages

Better Healthcare

Building Worker & Community Power

We believe deeply in the profound transformation that comes with organizing, with joining together, and with building and holding power together — and for each other — in our unions.

Take the first step.


Get your voice on the job and a seat at the table.

Join a network of over 13,000 healthcare workers, and more than a million nationwide.

Demand the protection, respect and pay you deserve as an essential worker.

Healthcare michigan

Healthcare michigan

Stories from the frontline

Carmelita Ford - DMC
As a hospital worker and a SEIU member political organizer, I helped to elect leaders who support pro-worker legislation like a $15 minimum wage and the PRO act. I am proud to make a difference that will benefit all workers through my union.
Carmelita Ford, PCA at DMC
mary mcclendon
Being a leader for SEIU allowed me to be a champion for racial justice. I marched for black lives and I stood for a new contract at my nursing home. My union supports my struggle and empowers me to take action to make change in my community and my workplace.
Mary McClendon, CNA at Ambassador
Tenesha Smily.DMC PCA.SEIU HCMI.1.21
Having a union is a blessing, because together we all have each others backs.
Tenesha Smiley, Patient Care Assistant at DMC
Charles Sloan
The pandemic exposed the cracks in our system. As nursing home workers we experienced the grief and hardship first hand. We lost two of our coworkers to COVID-19, but we were never deterred by the fight ahead. Through SEIU, we won a contract with higher wages and better benefits.
Charles Sloan, CNA
Christina Hall.Surgical Tech.Mercy Health.SEIU HCMI.1.21
United in SEIU, we’ve been able to advocate powerfully for patient care, PPE, pay raises and fair schedules.
Christina Hall, Surgical Tech at Mercy

Lead at your workplace by becoming a union steward.