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SEIU Healthcare Michigan members,

Election season is approaching soon. Working people in Michigan will get the opportunity to hold elected leaders accountable and push them to support healthcare workers and other essential workers. We will stand together to make sure every working Michigander — whatever our race, income, or zip code — gets a say over the decisions that shape our lives at work, in our communities, and in our democracy.

The primary election is on August 2nd: it’s time to make a voting plan. We have the opportunity to elect candidates this year that will pass legislation and policies that support working families.

Join the Unions for All Worker summit on July 11. Together in a union, working people gain the collective power to win a better future for our communities. That’s why SEIU members, community leaders, and elected officials are coming together for a Unions For All Summit to demand that every job be a good union job. Let’s make sure Healthcare Michigan members turn out in force.

  • When: July 11, mobilize at 9:30am, program at 10am
  • Where: Durfee Innovation Society, 2470 Collingwood St., Detroit, MI 48206 
  • Register here to join us!

SEIU Healthcare Michigan supports the rights of women to choose. Last week, the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, reversing 50 years of legal precedent. As a union powered by women and caregivers, we believe in the right of women to choose when it comes to abortions. The decision to have an abortion is an extremely complex and difficult choice and should be made between a woman and her medical provider. Politicians or lawyers with no medical background should never interfere with a women’s right to choose. Criminalizing abortion disproportionately affects the working class, particularly those who cannot afford to travel and pay hefty medical fees. 

  • What this means for working women in Michigan. After the Supreme Court ruling, states will be able to write their own rules regarding abortion. Michigan currently has a 1931 law that criminalizes all nearly abortions. However, this law is currently being challenged in court and is currently not enforced due to an injunction. There is also a ballot petition being circulated that would give voters the opportunity to vote to enshrine reproductive rights into the Michigan constitution in November. We’ll keep you updated about what steps we can to protect the will of the majority of Michigan families by maintaining access to abortion. 

We are also reviewing the state budget which was passed last night. Governor Whitmer and the legislature agreed on a state budget last night. We will be providing updates and analysis as we dig deeper into it. 

Michigan Nursing Home Workforce Stabilization Council hosts its first meeting. The council is composed of government officials, nursing home owners, and nursing home workers which includes Trustee Diane Palmer, Executive Director of the State Council Jenn Root, and SEIU member leaders Mary McClendon, Nancy M. Hebert, and Martha M. Nichols.

  • Gov. Whitmer is paying attention to what this Council recommends about the future of long-term care —  our union will fight to make good-paying, stable jobs a cornerstone of a system that works better for all. 

Congrats to SEIU Healthcare Michigan members who voted to approve new contract agreements:

  • Mission Point of Madison Heights – Nurses ratified a new contract with higher wages and better benefits. 
  • Mission Point of Clarkston – Service unit ratified a new contract with higher wages and better benefits. 
  • Courtney Manor – All LPNs received a $3 to $4 wage increase, increased longevity bonuses, and holidays are paid at time and one half instead of straight time.
  •  Courtney Manor Service Unit negotiations will start on July 1, 2022.

Workers picket at McLaren Oakland Hospital. Hospital workers picketed last Wednesday at McLaren Oakland in Pontiac fighting for a strong contract with higher wages and better working conditions. Learn more in this story by Fox 2 Detroit

DMC Sinai Grace workers join together to advocate for quality jobs. Dozens of DMC Sinai Grace workers gathered outside the hospital for a union meeting and to demonstrate solidarity for their contract fight.




HCMI to host a Beaumont membership meeting in August. Trustee Dian Palmer met with Beaumont workers to discuss the next steps in organizing their membership and upcoming contract campaign for 2023. We will be hosting a membership meeting in August for Beaumont workers – stay tuned for more details. 

We are excited to see members using their voice and their vote as we head toward election season. We hope to see you at our Unions for All Rally and other political engagement events in the near future! 

In Unity,

Dian Palmer, Trustee

SEIU Healthcare Michigan