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Workers to deliver over 500 signatures to Regents ahead of June 20th meeting

  • UM hospital workers will rally in Ann Arbor on June 20th at 3:15pm to deliver signatures before the University of Michigan Regents meeting 
  • The rally will take place at Ruvthen Building at 1109 Geddes Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 

Ann Arbor, MI – University of Michigan Medicine hospital workers will rally and deliver signatures to the University of Michigan Regents before their meeting on Thursday, June 20th at 3:15pm. The meeting will determine budget priorities for the health system and impact the wages and benefits of 2,600 SEIU hospital workers as they negotiate their first contract.

“We are proud that Michigan Medicine sets the gold standard for quality care and is the provider of choice for patients in our state. We strive to make Michigan Medicine the Employer of Choice for healthcare workers – not simply based on spreadsheets but also from our experience as frontline workers. However, that’s difficult when almost 1,000 workers represented by our Union are paid less than $20 per hour. After 31 years of employment, my pay is only $24.73 per hour,” said Ada Williams, Patient Services Intermediate at Domino’s Farm. 

Workers are demanding respect, equity, and parity in their contract negotiations. SEIU Workers are demanding contracts on the same scale that other unions have settled with the University. This means equal percentage increases, especially for lower-paid workers are hit hardest by rising housing, gas, and food prices. It also means equal PTO, shift and weekend differentials, and on-call pay. 

“When we worked through the pandemic, our reward was the University froze their retirement contribution for 6 months. It’s time for the university to put us on the same level as other union workers. Let’s make Michigan Medicine a provider of choice and an employer of choice,’ said Williams. 

SEIU Healthcare Michigan represents close to 2,600 respiratory therapists, phlebotomists, clerks, patient care techs, and patient services staff.