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Close to 550 DMC Hospital workers are celebrating contract victories that will set a $15/hr minimum wage and raise wages by 10% over the duration of the contract with retro pay included. These wages will be crucial to helping retain and recruit staff to the hospital and ultimately provide higher quality care.

Workers were also able to preserve key benefits such as their current health coverage. The contract includes a modified union shop where all new employees will contribute to the Union dues or agency fees after the repeal of Right to Work goes into effect (current employees will still have a choice whether or not to pay dues). The contract also creates new Health and Safety forums and the ability to discuss market rate adjustments during labor management meetings. Workers were able to win the contract because they used their strength and organized their members.

“Building power means to be able to build the Union so that management will know we will mean business. It will also mean that our membership will be engaged. Building power will make the membership more active in negotiations which will lead to better contracts,” said Mark Sims, PCA at DMC Sinai Grace.

“Union power means solidarity with my fellow PCA’s and coworkers. I am proud to be part of the process of enacting positive changes for my peers,” said Greg Brown PCA at Huron Valley Sinai Hospital.