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Hospital Campaign

After more than a year of working in pandemic conditions, hospital workers across Michigan are calling for the changes we need to keep going and feel respected, protected, and supported.

From nurses and techs, to cleaners and more, we are essential to keeping our hospitals running and ready to care for our communities.  

We have persevered through mental and physical exhaustion, stress, and trauma, but the toll of this year has pushed many of us to the limit. Many of us  had to use up all of our paid time off because we were sick or we needed to quarantine. Many of us routinely work extra shifts because of staffing shortages. We’ve risked our health and safety without proper protection, support or transparent communication.

Now, we’re calling on our employers to recognize and respect the sacrifices we’ve made by fixing broken policies and providing the support and staffing we need to ensure quality care. 

We’ve gone above and beyond to take care of our patients and our communities—it’s time for our employers to help us recover and take care of ourselves, so we can keep taking care of others.

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