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Hospital Campaign

A changing healthcare industry

The healthcare industry has changed as large healthcare giants buy up small local hospitals, threaten access to care and services, lower job standards, and focus on the bottom line, rather than caring for our communities. Nurses and workers from all departments come together through SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania to stand up for patients and advocate for the good jobs and quality care we need.

Hospital workers are demanding changes

Hospital workers across Michigan are calling for the changes our community needs to thrive. Nurses, techs, cleaners, dietary, and ALL support staff are crucial for providing quality patient care and keeping our hospitals up and running. 

During the pandemic, hospital workers persevered through mental and physical exhaustion, stress, and trauma to protect and care for our patients, but the toll of the past few years has pushed many of us to the limit. We are proud of how hard we continue to work to care for our community. Now, it’s time for our elected leaders to take action and ensure healthcare workers like us have what we need to be successful. 

We cannot do it alone. We need community leaders to respect, protect, and support our work by investing in: quality healthcare for patients; healthcare workers; and our community. We’re calling on our elected officials and other community leaders in our state to recognize the sacrifices we made and fix broken policies that fail to respect and protect workers.