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Nursing Home Campaign

“Respect us, Protect us, Pay us!”

No matter what we look like or where we come from, everyone deserves to earn a living wage, affordable healthcare, and safe working conditions. We deserve a nursing home industry that values both its staff and residents while providing the highest quality of care. But wealthy nursing home owners are focusing on their profit margins when they should be more focused on supporting their staff. It’s time for wealthy nursing home owners to pay what they deserve to staff, who provide care day in and day out to the most vulnerable residents in our community. We demand strong contracts with living wages, affordable healthcare, and safe staffing. 

Our community deserves the highest quality of patient care. As nursing home workers, we are responsible for the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable residents in our communities. Michigan families deserve to feel safe, confident and satisfied with the quality of care for their loved ones in any of our facilities. Nurses, CNAs, laundry, dietary, and housekeeping workers are all essential parts of ensuring that our residents get the highest quality of care. Taking care of our patients requires teamwork and everyone is equally important to get the job done.

We cannot care for our community alone. We need community leaders to respect, protect, and support our work by investing in: quality healthcare for patients; healthcare workers; and our community. We’re calling on our elected officials and other community leaders in our state to recognize the sacrifices we have made and fix broken policies that fail to respect and protect workers.