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Governor Whitmer has proposed a budget that would give all nursing home workers a raise, including dietary, laundry, housekeeping, and other workers that were previously left out. This would include: 

  • An additional $1.50/hour raise for direct care workers, including LPNs, CNAs, and respiratory therapists–bringing their wage pass-through up to a total of $3.85/hour. 
  • Other non-direct workers such as dietary, housekeeping, and laundry would also receive the full $3.85/hour pass-through.

These wages would recognize our nursing home workers for the hard work they do every day while helping to recruit and retain workers across the state. 

I’m not a CNA, LPN, or respiratory therapist. Will I be left out? 

This budget recommends raises for ALL nursing home workers including dietary, laundry, housekeeping, and others. However, we still have to make sure this budget gets approved by the house and senate before getting to the Governor’s desk. We still have a lot of work to do.

When would we get our raises? 

If passed, the new wage pass-through would start at the beginning of 2024. 

What do I do to make sure we get this raise? 

The budget must pass through the state house and state senate, and then be signed by the Governor. We have to make sure that ALL nursing home workers are included in the senate and house budgets for this to be successful. 

We are asking all nursing home workers to join us for the SEIU Michigan Lobby Day in Lansing on March 15th. At Lobby Day, we will be meeting with important Michigan legislators that make decisions regarding the budget. You can register for lobby day today by clicking here:

If you can’t make lobby day, we are having a week of action from March 1 – March 8th during which we will be calling and emailing our legislators. Contact or 313-220-2387 to get involved!