Huron Valley Update

Hey all,

I hope you are all well!

This last month has brought us some changes to our Contract Action Team, as well as our Negotiations Team.

Two of our former negotiators have taken positions at Huron Valley which created a conflict of interest regarding bargaining, therefore they are unable to remain on the team. Additionally, Emily has been tapped to help the fight in Muskegon for our SEIU HCMI Mercy Hospital sisters and brothers (articles below).

Mercy Healthcare Workers Demand Better Working Conditions

Mercy Healthcare Workers Vote to Picket

Emily is only stepping away temporarily, but we will miss her nonetheless! SEIU HCMI’s Chief-of-Staff Scott Holiday is now sitting in first chair for negotiations. Scott brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to our negotiations. We welcome him to the team, and look forward to stepping up negotiations quickly under his leadership.

Review from 10/12/2022 Negotiations:

Currently, we have fifteen (15) proposals that have been made; four (4) both parties have come to an tentative approval (T.A) on (E1 Introduction, Non-Discrimination, E2 Intent and Purpose & E3 Recognition), five (5) we are waiting on a counter from the Employer (listed below), one (1) we are holding until Economic Negotiations (Extra Hours) , and five (5) we have countered on this past negotiations date, Feb. 10th (listed below).


Waiting on Employer Response:

  1. E5 Employee Status
  2. U1 Check Off for Union Dues
  3. U4 Successorship
  4. U5 Subcontracting
  5. U6 Additional Benefits

Union Countered

  1. E4 Union Representation
  2. U2 Grievance Procedure
  3. U7 Change in Personnel Status
  4. U9 Employee Identification
  5. E6: Hours of Work, OT and Schedule

Mrs. Rapp introduced Proposal E6: Hours of Work, OT and Schedule this week. This proposal is incredibly important and warrants the entire team’s input.

  1. Lunch Periods and Breaks;
  2. Overtime;
  3. Schedule Posting;
  4. Additional Hours;
  5. Cancellation/Flexing;
  6. On Call, Call Back and Standby;
  7. Unforeseen Additional Hours;
  8. No Guarantee (of hours)
  9. (No) Pyramiding
  10. Weekend Scheduling
  11. Reporting for Work/Sent Home
  12. Working Out of Hospital/Utilizing Non-Union Employee

You can review the entire document here:

HVSH SEIU Hours of Work OT and Schedule Employer Proposal 6

Scott, I and the team believe that we can reach tentative agreements on most of the proposals (excluding Hours of Work, OT and Schedule) on or before 3/1/2022, depending on the employer’s response. If we are able to do so we can move quickly into economics.


We are currently scheduled to meet in two weeks on 3/1/22. Scott, myself and the negotiating team have assessed that we should meet for negotiations more frequently to deliver the amount of productivity needed to complete your contract in a timely manner. We are set to ask the employer for multiple dates per week until we are finished with negotiations. I would like your input on this suggestion.

We will be holding weekly meetings via Zoom on Thursday from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (see attachment). Attend this meeting to have any questions answered, or to bring up any issues you are hearing from your coworkers.