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Friday afternoon  we called Mercy Administrators to an emergency meeting to discuss the current Covid surge situation and the many staffing issues and care concerns it is creating.
The call lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes. A number of bargaining team members from each unit participated in the call. From the hospital: Robin Belcourt and Anathea Collar from HR were joined by CNO Lina Dunmore, CMO Dr. Grill attended a portion of the meeting, as well as other decision makers. 
Some of our questions were addressed but time did not allow for all of them. Anathea is working with Linda D. to compile answers to all questions. 
It was discussed that 4 rooms on 9 &10 will be converted to double occupancy. Your union raised concerns for staff and patient safety in such a small work area, as well as access for crash carts, and patient privacy.  The plan is to not increase the RN to patient ratio on 9 & 10 but to get patients moved out of the ED sooner. If you feel this is unsafe for you or the patient, please send an email to Linda Dunmore CCing a union steward and me ( We have additional, unanswered questions on this patent arrangement that will be posted once we hear a response from the hospital. 
An RN steward brought up the possibility of again housing patients off campus at MCC. It was the response of the hospital that although this is a possibility they do not have enough staff to cover additional work locations. 
Your union raised the choice of federal intervention such as what we have seen at Spectrum and Beaumont Dearborn. Dr. Grille  responded that Trinity also made a request, and he believes Mercy Muskegon is 1st or second on the waiting list. He said there is no guarantee a team will be dispatched. If a team is dispatched, it will include 16 nurses, 4 respiratory therapists, and 2 physicians. 
Your union raised the ever-present issue holding Mercy back from attracting and retaining staff- wages and the hospitals unwillingness to grant immediate raises and adequate retention bonuses. Trinity’s team said they were not on the call to talk about economics. 
Jessica a PCA steward raised the issue of Kelly removing secondary job codes for folks who could pick up PCA shifts. Anathea answered that she has already put an end to this and is working with workday to get them all added back in. 
Your union raised the concern of floating staff to floors that are not sister floors with their home unit or floors they are not oriented to. The hospital committed that if a staff is floated to a floor or an area, they are not oriented to they will not be forced to take a patient assignment. They will work as a runner or a sitter. If they take an assignment on a floor that the CBA does not allow floating between AND CHOOSE to take an assignment, they will be given CSP pay on a regular scheduled shift. 
Patient sitting shifts will be opened up to all staff. This may take a few days to work out. 
Continue to send in/comment below your questions. If you need immediate/ urgent help do not hesitate to call or text me Emily Ricards at 989-513-8488