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On  the 16th we met Trinity’s team for effects bargaining over the Vaccine Mandate. Trinity relied heavily on Dr. Andrew Jameson – who offered a heavy dose of anecdotal stories for an infectious disease control doctor. We were looking for hard facts. Mercy Muskegon CEO Gary Allore joined the conversation but offered little more than an introduction.

Your team had asked for more than Robin Belcourt’s planned 1.5 hours and were originally told that was all that was allotted. At the onset of negotiations it was made clear that we would take this first day to ask questions and look for clarification. Our next bargaining date on the matter is 8/18. We requested a commitment to extend the timeline past September to allow for negotiations. Robin Belcourt said she was unable to make that commitment herself but would get back to us.

We took the opportunity to address the inaccessibility of PPE to many work areas. Both Linda Dunmore and Dr. Jameson assured your negotiating team that there is no need to reuse PPE. You can and should get new PPE each shift in the staffing office. It certainly has not been the experience of many of your negotiating team members.

Trinity’s Team indicated that almost all medical and religious exemptions have been accepted. Please let us know if your experience has been different.

Your union contract negotiating teams are currently at the table with the hospital negotiating all three contracts. The first date for Tech II is this Wednesday.

Join us each Friday in wearing the color PURPLE on the job!


Join our Contract Action Team!

As your negotiating team, we cannot make this happen at the table on our own. It is crucial that we activate our CONTRACT ACTION TEAM. Please contact Chris Connolly or a member of the Negotiating Team if you are interested in joining our CAT team:

RN Negotiating Team

Wendy Trach, PAT                                                                 Frank Durante, Vascular Access Team

Tom Kelsch, ER                                                                     Laura Krzykwwa, Outpatient Surgery

DorReatha Lassow, OB                                                          Karin Barnhard, ICU

Service & Support Negotiating Team

Lonnie Keech – PCA ICU                                                       Tinitco Moore – HUC Nursing Float

Anthony Simmons – Food and Nutrition Services                  Darla Gallegos – Laboratory

Jessica Corona – Nursing Floats & Relief                              Mark Keiser – Plant Ops                                                        


Chris Connolly, or 517-214-1743