Mercy Proposal FAQ

1. Will these proposals affect our ability to negotiate higher wages in our contract? 

No, not legally speaking. Negotiations at the table are separate from these two Proposals for Letters of Undersatnding proposed by Trinity as their “Final Offer”

2. What happens if we vote no? Will we get an opportunity to vote on new proposals?

If the members vote these proposals down. Trinity will have to do something else to retain staff. 

3. Why were Tele Techs were excluded from the Trinty’s Covid Pay/CSP Proposal?

They were not! In error,  the employer only listed Monitor Techs under ICU. They have amended their proposal to clearly reflect the intent.  We agree all job classes should be included and that is what your Union’s counter-proposal was for- Many job classifications AND EVERY job classification that performs work in patient  areas  


4. Will Trinity’s proposed Covid Pay plan/CSP include all Med Tech Classifications? 

The employer confirmed MLTs, Med T.ech I, Med Tech II, Med Tech IIIs are all covered under Trinity’s Final offer on Covid Pay/ CSP

5. What is our union doing to fight for higher wages, Trinity COVID pay, and retention bonuses? 

Co-workers from all across the hospital have been partaking in a growing and united fight to improve wages dramatically to get more involved. Reach out to your Union Steward or If Covid Pay and/or Trinity’s Retention and Hire On Bonus proposals are accepted the fight will be over to improve these programs, as they will have been approved by the membership. Of course, we can push to add classifications but that is not a guarantee.  


6. What did our bargaining teams propose to the Trinity? 

See your Union’s proposals at the vote.


7. Who determines whether a person will receive COVID pay? 

In Trinity’s Proposal, the CNO and/or VP of Operations decide. Not your union, supervisors, or managers.


8. How will Trinity’s proposed Retention Bonuses be Taxed?

This is the example per/$200.00 the employer sent. 



Per $100.00 

Federal Tax $22.00 22% 

State Tax $4.25 4.25%

Local Tax $1.00 1% 

Total Tax $27.25


9. Will we receive Trinity’s proposed RetentionBonuses in a separate check if the LOU is approved by the membership?

No, unfortunately Mercy is unwilling to create a separate check.


10. Trinity’s Retention Bonus proposal for RNs lists “IV Therapy”. Who do they coonsider to be IV Therapy nurses?

The employer clarified on 12/16/21 that they consider Vascular Access RNs to be “IV Therapy” not the Infusion Clinic Rns.


11. The Financial Counselors who work in close patient contact and with Patient Access Reps were left off of Trinity’s “Covid Pay” proposal. Is this an oversight?   

The employer clarified that  financial counselors are not included in this program.


12. Orderlies and transporters are also working short with many open shifts. Are their job classes meant to be included in the Covid Pay proposal/they were left off unintentionally?  

The employer clarified Orderlies and transporters are not included in this program.