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Our RN negotiations on 8/5

We met with hospital leadership accompanied by Doug Seaton. To address the staffing crisis as it relates to mandatory floating throughout the hospital.  Doug is known nationally as the “lawyer for employers.” Seaton has worked on several union-busting campaigns against nurses’ unions in the last few years, including one against 27,000 SEIU home health care workers in Minnesota, which is often described as the largest attempted union decertification campaign in US history. The workers stood strong and victorious against Seaton. WE WILL TOO. Doug has shown a lack of common decency and respect to us as a team. 

Your bargaining committee proposed guidelines and significant financial stipulations to reward those who wish to volunteer to float, float nurses, and those pulled against their will and against the contract. The hospital is due to respond as of 1700 today.

Our meeting to negotiate the hospitals proposed vaccine mandate is the afternoon of 8/10/2021 

Service & Support negotiations on 7/29  We met with Trinity’s team and our federal mediator. We reluctantly continue to meet remotely due to Trinity’s supposed strict no visitor policy. We had a few hours of productive conversation. Slow progress was made. We must continue to show strength and solidarity across the hospital in order to win strong, impactful contracts that will protect our coworkers, our patients, and our community.   

Our meeting to negotiate the hospitals proposed vaccine mandate is the afternoon of 8/10/201 

Join our Contract Action Team! 

As your negotiating team, we cannot make this happen at the table on our own. It is crucial that we activate our CONTRACT ACTION TEAM. Please contact Chris Connolly or a member of the Negotiating Team if you are interested in joining our CAT team:

RN Negotiating Team 

Wendy Trach, PAT Frank Durante, Vascular Access Team 

Tom Kelsch, ER Laura Krzykwwa, Outpatient Surgery 

DorReatha Lassow, OB Karin Barnhard, ICU

Service & Support Negotiating Team 

Lonnie Keech – PCA ICU Tinitco Moore – HUC Nursing Float

Anthony Simmons – Food and Nutrition Services Darla Gallegos – Laboratory

Jessica Corona – Nursing Floats & Relief Mark Keiser – Plant Ops