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Despite the ruling, Trinity Health continues to mislead its staff about the results of the election, laughing in the face of the NLRB while challenging its authority.

Grand Haven, MI –  The National Labor Relations Board has officially certified the Trinity Health Grand Haven election, upholding the 89 to 66 vote in favor of Union representation.

“Trinity Health Grand Haven employees are celebrating the certification of the election, affirming that workers have a seat at the table to bargain a contract,” said Ricky Kauffman, lead radiographer at Trinity Grand Haven Hospital, “Sadly, Trinity continues to communicate misinformation to their employees about the status of the union. SEIU Healthcare Michigan has requested bargaining to begin immediately and will pursue all legal steps necessary to ensure that Trinity Health recognizes the union and resumes its legal requirement to bargain.”

“Trinity is not only challenging the legitimacy of the decision; they are challenging the legitimacy of the NLRB and the rule of law in the country. Trinity is now laughing at the US legal system and must be held accountable for believing it is above the law the rest of us respect and live under,” said Bob Gibson, Director of Hospital Systems for SEIU Healthcare Michigan.

As reported in the National Catholic Reporter, Trinity Health is facing accusations that it has embraced bold anti-worker and anti-union tactics as its workers fight for higher wages, adequate staffing levels, and improved safety measures.

Last December, almost 200 North Ottawa Community Hospital workers voted to affiliate with SEIU after the hospital was acquired by Trinity and renamed “Trinity Grand Haven.” SEIU represents Diagnostic Imaging Techs, Lab Assistants and Technologists, Housekeepers, Dietary Workers, and Social Workers, Unit Clerks, Patient Care Associates, Medics, and many other positions at Trinity Grand Haven. This was further Affirmed in the September election.