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Gov. Whitmer has announced her appointments to the Nursing Home Workforce Stabilization Council, including SEIU Healthcare Michigan President Andrea Acevedo; SEIU Michigan Executive Director Jennifer Root; and SEIU nursing home workers Mary McClendon (Detroit), Martha Nichols (Detroit), and Nancy Hebert (Ishpeming).

In response to being nominated for Governor Whitmer’s Nursing Home Workforce Stabilization Council, Detroit nursing home worker of over 37 years and SEIU Healthcare Michigan member Mary McClendon released the following statement:


“I’m grateful to be nominated Governor Whitmer’s Workforce Stabilization Council and proud to use my voice to advocate for better conditions for workers and the people we care for. As a leader in the nursing home industry for over 37 years, it’s long overdue to address issues like low wages, chronic short staffing, high turnover,  racial and gender discrimination, lack of training, and poor safety standards – problems that nursing home workers have dealt with for years in our industry that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Our industry is in a crisis and unless we address the causes head-on, we will struggle to provide the quality of care our residents deserve. 


I am honored to lift up workers in our industry, women of color like me who provide much of the care in nursing homes across our state. Thanks to Governor Whitmer, we have a real seat at the table and an opportunity to enact meaningful, long-term solutions. This council will be a vehicle to change our industry, seated with workers who are in these facilities every day and have the experience and knowledge to recommend improvements.”


SEIU Healthcare Michigan President Andrea Acevedo released the following statement:


|”I’m excited to serve on this council as we tackle the crisis in the nursing home industry. Thanks to our partnership with Governor Whitmer, we have the opportunity to put forth solutions recommended by workers who deeply know the challenges because they care for residents every single day. It’s far past time for workers to take the lead in reforming their own workplaces, beginning with a seat at the table with elected officials and industry leaders. I’m ready to get to work and make our long-term care facilities into places where both workers and residents can thrive with the highest quality of care.”