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Our hearts go out to the victims and the families of the horrific tragedy that occurred yesterday at Oxford high school. SEIU has learned that our healthcare workers represented at Oakland McLaren Hospital and Ascension Rochester have treated some of the students following the incident. We are both proud of our frontline healthcare workers but deeply saddened that they must endure this tragedy in the wake of so many other challenges. The victims, their families, and essential workers who care for them deserve answers and need to know that our elected leaders are doing all they can to prevent future tragedies like this. 

Our communities and our schools need and deserve safety, healing, and justice. SEIU is committed to fighting for that vision and we will continue to work together for as long as it takes.  Frontline healthcare workers provide both physical and mental health care that is crucial to preventing and treating the causes of violence. We must come together at this moment to create the solutions necessary to move forward as a community and a nation.

In solidarity,
Andrea Acevedo
President of SEIU Healthcare Michigan