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Sinai Grace Hospital workers are standing up and fighting for the changes they need to fix health disparities while demanding racial justice in their community.

Sinai Grace is home to hundreds of hospital workers like Respiratory Therapist Tracie Alexander. She lives close to the hospital and is deeply connected to the community.

“Where I live in Northwest Detroit, we are fighting to reduce health disparities and increase resources to a community that has been neglected and overlooked.”

Her statement underscores an important truth: in order to improve health outcomes, we must address the systemic racism which is the root cause of so many health disparities prevalent in the community.

After several meetings with her Union SEIU, Tracie and other leaders at Sinai Grace created a plan to survey community issues and connect with leaders and organizations that also may be tackling issues around health and racial justice. After the survey results are compiled, they will be presented to the community and elected leaders in the region.

“We all have the right to be heard and involved in decisions that impact our community and our quality of life. Democracy works best when everyone’s voice is heard,” says Alexander.