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If you would like to see a sample of your ballot, you can use this tool made available through the state of Michigan website: If you have questions about candidates in your district, please let us know. 

SEIU Healthcare Michigan members,

Next week, we encourage our members to go to the polls on August 2nd to elect candidates who support legislation that will improve the working conditions for essential workers across the state.

Whether it’s repealing Right to Work, expanding hero pay, or improving the quality of patient care, our elected leaders can make or break the policies that determine the working conditions in our healthcare facilities. Though SEIU has endorsed many candidates for office in 2022, we wanted to spotlight these three candidates who are in competitive races that could truly make an impact in our state for years to come.

Andy Levin, Congressional District 11

Andy Levin is THE union organizer in congress. Following in the footsteps of his father Sandy Levin, Andy has been a devoted public servant who stood on the strike lines to make sure that workers are respected, protected, and paid.

Andy Levin is the most progressive candidate to represent Oakland County and represents the demands of frontline workers everywhere in congress. We can count on him as a champion to pass pro-worker legislation and work to strengthen unions while in congress.