Take Action Now By Filling Out Your Picket Plan

Greetings SEIU family! 

On Monday, January 17th your colleagues from all across the hospital came together to demand Trinity come to the negotiating table with true respectable, future-facing proposals. Over 100 Mercy Muskegon hospital workers, including registered nurses, techs, and support staff, were joined by community supporters and elected officials as we showed our determination to win a strong, fair contract. We officially announced a deadline of January 31st to reach a fair agreement, and if Trinity doesn’t meet our demands, we will be ready to fight!

I was so proud of how our workers stood together. (If you missed the press conference, you can watch a full live stream of the event here). Leaders such as Health Unit Coordinator Tinitco Moore stood at the podium and demanded change from Trinity: 

“For two years, we’ve risked our health and safety, picked up extra shifts and worked long hours to ensure safe patient care, even if it means we’re exhausted. After everything we’ve been through, Trinity workers know our worth and we’re prepared to take a stand for ourselves and our patients if we need to! We refuse to settle for a contract that leaves out the protections, incentives, and rights we need and deserve.” 

Now we must escalate our actions and show Trinity we are serious about our demands. I’m asking all of you to take immediate action by

filling out your Picket Plan right now. 

By joining together, we can win competitive raises across the hospital and push for a safer Mercy for our community and ourselves. 

In Power,

Andrea Acevedo

President of SEIU Healthcare Michigan

Check out the media coverage of our press conference: 

Now it’s time to turn up the heat on Trinity to demand they invest in Muskegon! 

Trinity needs to know that we are all-in and ready to do whatever it takes to win a new contract. We must make sure that everyone signs a SEIU union card and is ready to take action as we push towards the January 31 deadline.

Please reach out to organizer Matthew Barngrover at matthew.barngrover@seiuhealthcaremi.org for more info or to get involved!