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Trinity Hospital leaders from three bargaining units work to solve staffing and other workplace issues

It’s no secret that there is a serious labor shortage in the healthcare industry.

The shortage cuts across all classifications for hospital workers – whether you’re cleaning a room or providing direct patient care. In order to bring a unified voice to tackle staffing shortages, stewards at Trinity Health have formed a roundtable to address issues head-on.

At Trinity Hospital in Muskegon, SEIU has wall-to-wall representation with over 1,800 workers in three bargaining units which includes service and support, techs, and RNs. This month concluded the elections for a new slate of steward leaders, and now these stewards will be charting the course for workers in their hospital.

At its first meeting, stewards created a plan to address the staffing crisis which has created challenges in every department. Stewards are planning a Halloween-themed event to show that short-staffing is spooky, kicking off an awareness campaign to bring changes to the hospital.