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NLRB Files Petition for Federal Injunction Against Trinity Health 

Grand Haven, MI – The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) has filed for a 10(j) Injunction against Trinity Health, seeking a federal court order that would require Trinity Health to immediately recognize SEIU Healthcare Michigan (“SEIU HCMI” or “SEIU”) represented workers & to resume bargaining.  

Trinity Health Grand Haven workers were denied their union rights after Trinity Health illegally and callously ceased recognition while disregarding a certified federal union election. Workers have been fighting for their union rights since September 2023. 

This injunction action has occurred nearly 4 months after the NLRB filed charges in January demanding Trinity Health to:

  • Recognize the workers’ union, SEIU HCMI, and begin mandatory bargaining for no less than 40 hours each month going forward.
  • Remove and rescind all illegal discriminatory actions, disciplines and terminations committed in its months of acting outside the law
  • Compensate workers for wages, income and other losses caused by Trinity’s attempts to ignore the law and crush the workers’ union.

“This is an uplifting victory for Grand Haven Hospital workers and an unequivocal declaration that the law is firmly on our side when it comes to our union rights. Trinity needs to stop playing games with corporate lawyers, cheating hard-working Americans out of their rights, and instead go back to the bargaining table,”  said Ricky Kauffman, lead radiographer at Trinity Grand Haven Hospital.

In January 2024, the NLRB issued a series of complaints after having found merit in the ULP charges filed by SEIU Healthcare Michigan, which included: 

  • Interrogation of Employees
  • Threatening employees for exercising their rights as workers
  • Bypassing the Union and direct dealing with union members
  • Surveillance of union workers
  • Making any unilateral changes

Trinity Health has faced numerous challenges from the NLRB in Grand Haven and Ann Arbor since it began its broader union-busting activities in 2023, including its attempts to decertify the Union last September. The NLRB confirmed again in December that SEIU HCMI is the properly certified union of the workers at Grand Haven Hospital after the workers overwhelmingly voted to keep their union. 

Despite the many complaints against them from the Labor Board, Trinity Health continues to align itself with companies such as Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, and SpaceX which have challenged the legitimacy of the NLRB. Trinity’s extreme views stand in stark contrast to over 87 years of settled law on the constitutionality of the NLRB.