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300 Hospital Therapists and Techs at University Hospital and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital spearhead a growing organizing effort 

Ann Arbor, MI – Close to 300 Respiratory Therapists and Technologists at the University of Michigan’s  University Hospital and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital have received Union recognition with SEIU Healthcare Michigan after a successful card check on June 26th. They will join the nearly 80% of University of Michigan frontline workers who are currently represented by a union. 

“We see the impact of workers having an organized voice behind them as they advocate for safe staffing, workplace safety standards, and work-life balance scheduling.  Our patients are best served when healthcare professionals have a strong voice in the decisions that affect the care available to their communities. Now we are excited to negotiate our first contract to improve working conditions in our facility,” said Sabra Wells, a Registered Respiratory Therapist at University Hospital of University of Michigan Health.

In 2020, University of Michigan regents adopted the current framework for labor union recognition. Following a board of regents vote, the new labor unions will be recognized by the university “upon a showing of majority support of the employees in the bargaining unit.” A super majority of workers in the unit signed union cards resulting in union recognition on June 26th.

“Many of us experienced the unfortunate difference it made to be an employee without union representation at the University as we were battling Covid-19. We decided to take strategic action to put ourselves on equal footing with the majority of the University of Michigan employees; we came together to form our union with SEIU Healthcare Michigan.,” said Shannon Beadle a Registered Respiratory Therapist at CS Mott Children’s Hospital of University of Michigan Health. 

With over 13,000 workers, SEIU Healthcare Michigan is the largest Union in the state representing hospital workers. 

The recognition of the respiratory therapist and tech unit has increased interest and led to more organizing by SEIU in the University of Michigan health system.