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SEIU Healthcare Michigan members,

Since the trusteeship began at SEIU Healthcare Michigan on Wednesday, my team and I have been hitting the ground running and working hard  to address the issues within the local and the needs of members. My conversations with members, worker leaders, staff and partners of HCMI have been very insightful.  I would like to give you a quick update on some of the work that has been taking place.  

On the first day of the trusteeship implementation, we met with over 100 member leaders via Zoom from 50 nursing homes and Detroit Medical Center to explain the implementation of the trusteeship, answer questions, and to hear first-hand their priorities and needs. We did this because our immediate goal is to get to know leaders at your worksites and to ensure the needs of members are met. 

In the last three days, we’ve made great progress. In bargaining, we are building on the momentum of the Tentative Agreement for RNs at Mercy Health. I have met with the Mercy Health bargaining teams and my team is supporting the bargaining efforts. The RN ratification is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3. Negotiations for technicians are tentatively scheduled for May 2, May 9 and May 20. Negotiations for service and support staff are tentatively scheduled for May 16 and May 31.

At Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Sinai Grace, the bargaining committee is scheduled to meet Monday, May 2 to prepare for negotiations that begin Wednesday, May 4.

Negotiations at other sites will continue as we work toward winning the best contracts possible for members. Our priority is to the members and ensuring that all negotiations are kept on schedule and that members are well represented.

Finally, we have begun a comprehensive review of the Local’s finances, and are working to improve our data systems so we can accurately track member information. SEIU HCMI is fully operational and will continue to work with you to win what healthcare workers need for our families and patients. 

There is more work to be done and I am confident that we will get it done together.  I’m excited to work with you to create a strong HCMI with the power to win a bright future for all healthcare workers and their families. 

If you have any questions, email or call the local at (202) 615-9621.

Dian Palmer, Trustee
SEIU Healthcare Michigan