Wage Pass-Through Phone Banking Script

Hello, my name is {name} and I am a nursing home worker at {facility name}, which is located in your district. My job is____________ and I’ve worked here for ______ years.

Nursing Home staffing is a real crisis in Michigan and YOU can do something about it. 

I am calling to ask you to support continuing and increasing the wage pass-through to nursing home workers to include ALL workers AND raise it to $3.85/hour. This includes dietary, laundry and housekeeping workers who are contracted out – they are essential frontline workers too.

After _____ years, I’m only paid _____ per hour. This wage pass through will be life changing for me and my family.

Can I count on you to support nursing home workers like me by voting YES to ensuring the nursing home wage pass-through reaches ALL workers and is expanded to $3.85 per hour??